Health Tip of the Day

5 Injury Prevention Tips for Runners 

Try these 5 simple tips for a successful run on race day.

  1. Release those tight muscles. Stretching is an integral part of your run. Try dynamic stretches before running such as dynamic hamstring stretches (don’t lift your leg too high). Try a series of slow prolonged stretching of your hips and legs after running. Stretches should be held 30 sec each without bouncing.
  2. Be Stronger. Include strengthening exercises in your training routine. Strengthening your hips, legs and core will increase your performance and prevent injuries on race day.
  3. Pace yourself. Increases in training volume, duration and intensity should be a gradual increase of 5-10% per week.
  4. Use proper footwear. Running style and foot type can affect your running shoe selection. Consult an expert to determine which style is right for your foot. Remember that most running shoes are in their prime functionality between 100-300 miles so try to track your mileage.
  5. Have your running style analyzed by a Physical Therapist and wear orthotics if recommended. Poor foot mechanics can lead to injuries while running. A proper sneaker and orthotic can often correct foot posture and prevent injuries.

Get a little guidance: Physical Therapy is a great way to address your unique physiology. If you have injuries, physical therapy training can get you safely back to running. Common running injuries include iliotibial band syndrome, runners knee, shin splints, achilles tendonitis, and muscle pulls such as calf strain and hamstring strain. If you have any questions please email Carol Pietromonaco Murfin from Back to You Physical Therapy at or contact us on our website at



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